NaviBees SDK

Smart & Interactive Indoor/Outdoor Positioning & Navigation

The Navibees SDK provide smart and accurate Indoor Positioning & Indoor Navigation for a variety of buildings.

KIOSK Wayfinder

Wayfinder Kiosk

Guide your visitors through interactive Kiosk Wayfinder

You will never struggle to find a place again. Find your way with just a touch of the screen.



ALS Enables IoT & RTLS Applications Portal
with Interactive Dashboard

Averos Location Sphere (ALS) uses RTLS Engine which determines the location of people & asset, by using a system of beacons and scanners.



Secure Your Premises. Track Your Visitors’ Location in Real-time

VALS is providing Real Time Tracking of your visitors with Wireless Badges and managing them with a modern dashboard.

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What Averos Do?

The Smarter Localization Systems

Advanced and Innovative Tracking, Localization and Navigation Systems for Smart Buildings, Healthcare and Industry.

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Why Choose Averos?

Location + Navigation
Broad capabilities for location tracking, motion tracking or proximity-based applications. Use technologies based on BLE, UWB, GPS for the most optimal solutions.
Own Hardware
Several models of RTLS Scanners and BLE beacons, which are designed and developed by AVEROS.
Complete Demo Kits
Launch pilot projects from day #1 using the demo kits or custom configurations. Reduce time, expenses and risks. It enhances safety and security.
Software Features
We provide cost effective end-to-end solutions & integration ready SDKs to cater healthcare, supermarket & malls, airports, industries, logistics & warehouses, smart buildings & others.
Integration with 3rd Party
Well documented APIs and SDKs that allow easy integration with any 3rd party IP camera & access control.
3rd-party Hardware Support
You can use your existing BLE beacons or RTLS tags with our ALS (AVEROS Location Sphere) software.

Application Areas