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Averos provides advanced and innovative
Location-based and RTLS (Real-Time Location
System) technological solutions.

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The CoreBlu line is an advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.x beacon devices using multi-standard beacon technology. It is specially conceived for advanced business solutions using location based applications. Various versions are available including with NFC integration, sensors and actuators.


The Loris line of scanners is built on advanced and innovative IoT hardware and software platforms providing sensing, communication and intelligence for Smart City Crowd, Traffic and Asset Management applications.


Averos software platform integrates, analyses and combines data from hardware devices in one secure central server/Cloud platform. It also allows access to various kinds of services for live tracking and mapping of people & assets. We provide intuitive developer tools for integration into a wide range of applications…


Averos provides advanced and innovative smart city and RTLS (Real Time Location System) technological solutions that are intuitive, efficient, cost effective and of high quality and reliability. The Averos Location Sphere (ALS) Suite of Middleware software enables the development of advanced IOT & RTLS applications for various market solutions. ALS is available either through The Cloud or an Onsite Server, the latter offers easier, cheaper and cheaper set-up while the former offers the highest possible security.



AVEROS’s Indoor Navigation and Positioning solution “NaviBees” allows users instant familiarity for a venue that would otherwise seem extraneous. With features such as Indoor Positioning, Turn-ByTurn Navigation, Maps, and Points of Interest (POIs), users confidently and efficiently reach their destinations. Concurrently, venue administrators can manage their content and location-based analytics.

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