Patient/Infant Tracking System For Hospitals & Clinics

This system offers hospital-wide protection for infants, pediatric and adult-patients within the geo-fence. An alert will be generated whenever a patient/infant leaves the designated room/ward.

High Value Assets & Medical Equipment Tracking

Management will be able to keep track and record of their valuable medical assets/equipment within the hospital. An alert will also be generated whenever the asset leaves the geo-fence.

Transport Tracking of High Value Medical Devices

Assisting healthcare management in prioritizing and verifying fully loaded ambulances in case of emergency call. High valued tags will confirm the availability of essential equipment in the ambulance.

App Based Indoor Navigation System

Indoor Navigation system for large complex indoor spaces/buildings of hospitals and clinics allow the app user to locate & navigate throughout the hospital/clinic.

Kiosk Based Wayfinding System for Hospitals & Clinics

Kiosk will help in enhancing patient experience and decrease the number of missed appointments due to patient difficulty in navigating through the hospital.

Solution for End-Customers
Wayfinder – (Kiosk wayfinding solution)

Evacuation Guidance System

In case of an emergency, our solution will guide the victims through the nearest exit point. within healthcare vicinity, which can save lives.

Emergency Responders

IPs provides the precise and real-time location and guidance to Emergency Responders within complex infrastructure which can provide fast and timely response, saving lives and property damage.