Visitor Management System for Security & Safety Concerns

Improvising security management by carrying a constant process that streamlines real-time visitor tracking, while continuing to deliver on safety & security within the vicinity.

Solution for End-Customers
VALS – (Visitor Auto Location System)

Employee & Staff Attendance Management System

Automating time registration for attendance checking in and out. It helps the management to eliminate human errors in job clocking and to evaluate the number of working hours of each employee.

Smart Tracking & Management of Goods/Resource Flow

Goods and resource tracking provides a real-time overview of all registered assets and displays them on the map for live position/tracking. It also saves unnecessary search and waiting times within production processes.

Transport & Logistics Tracking of High Value Assets

To track and locate high value assets in order to minimize the search time while increasing visibility, productivity and throughput of the asset.

Efficient Security Guard Monitoring System

This significantly increases your guards’ accountability. Tracking ensures that your guards are following shift procedures, showing up for their patrols on time, and performing all other duties.

Solution Components for Integrators
For Smart Card Based Tracking:
CoreBlu A3 – (Personnel Tag)
Loris X2 – (Indoor Scanner)
Loris E2 – (Outdoor Scanner)
ALS – (Averos Solution Sphere)

Evacuation Guidance System

In case of an emergency, our solution will guide the victims through the nearest exit point. within complex infrastructure, which can save lives.

Emergency Responders

IPs provides the precise and real-time location and guidance to Emergency Responders within complex infrastructure which can provide fast and timely response, saving lives and property damage.