Smart Buildings

Visitor Tracking & Management

A smart visitor tracking system that helps building management to monitor & track their visitors throughout the vicinity. An alert will be generated whenever a visitor leaves the allowed premises.

Solution for End-Customers
VALS – (Visitor Auto Location System)

Digital Check-In

Digital Check-In, using which employees or students can digitally sign in to the workplace, classrooms, labs, offices and other points of interest.

Solution Components for Integrators
CoreBlu X3 – (Positioning Beacon)

Employees & Staff Tracking

Employee/staff monitoring allows a business to track employee activities and monitor worker engagement with workplace related tasks. management can measure productivity, track attendance, ensure security & collect proof of hours worked.

High Value Assets Tracking (Indoor/Outdoor)

An intelligent tracking system that helps to monitor real time location and movement of assets & inventory within the vicinity. Management will get real time alerts and reports about their assets movements.

Indoor Navigation System

This solution assists/guides turn-by-turn navigation within the building to the end-user, that will help the visitor in reaching out to his host without any human guidance.

Efficient Security Guard Monitoring System

This significantly increases your guards’ accountability. Tracking ensures that your guards are following shift procedures, showing up for their patrols on time, and performing all other duties.

Solution Components for Integrators
For Smart Card Based Tracking:
CoreBlu A3 – (Personnel Tag)
Loris X2 – (Indoor Scanner)
Loris E2 – (Outdoor Scanner)
ALS – (Averos Solution Sphere)

Evacuation Guidance System

In case of an emergency, our solution will guide the victims through the nearest exit point. within complex infrastructure, which can save lives.

Emergency Responders

IPs provides the precise and real-time location and guidance to Emergency Responders within complex infrastructure which can provide fast and timely response, saving lives and property damage.

Provide Historical Information & Visitor insight (Museums)

Automatically show the work of art closest to your visitor with text or multimedia contents connected with them. Collects automatically anonymous statistics that enable you to know which are the most visited works of art.

Solution Components for Integrators
CoreBlu X3 – (Positioning Beacon)