Averos completes Hajj Pilgrim Tracking Project

Averos completed its first PTMS (Pilgrim Transportation Management System) project during this year’s annual Hajj pilgrimage of 2016, for the Turkish Hajj mission. This project was divided into two phases, collecting data, tracking and providing stats on the number of Pilgrims completing each stage of Hajj and tracking, data collection and providing stats on the movement of busses completing each stage.

Averos was not only able to complete the project successfully, but provided the concerned authorities with credible and actionable intelligence displayed on custom built platform that could be viewed on multiple devices.

For this project Averos was able to successfully track the movement of a remarkable number of pilgrims, 175,000 to be exact, going through different phases of Hajj. Moreover Averos tracked 2000 buses completing different stages and provided the authorities with live statistics on each stage, which helped them to take immediate action in case of problems and incidents, previously such quick actions by the authorities were considered unimaginable.