The CoreBlu line is an advanced Bluetooth Low Energy 5.x beacon devices using multi standard beacon technology. The CoreBlu-X2A+ is specially conceived for advanced business solutions such as attendance and asset tracking using location based and indoor navigation-based applications. It features an ultra-low power consumption, long battery life. The CoreBlu-X2A+ can be used with lanyards and card clips and can also be easily mounted on various surfaces. The CoreBlu-X2A+ comes with a downloadable SDK with an extensive library for easy integration into a wide range of location based and indoor navigation based applications. It also includes a wide range tools facilitating optimal setup, installation and health-checks.

1. Battery Life is calculated at 25 degrees Centigrade. 

Configuration App

With the CoreBlu Beacon Manager App you can scan for nearby configurable CoreBlu beacons, display their battery status, view their settings and make modifications to those settings. Configuration of beacons can also be password protected with a four (4) digit PIN.

As an added safety feature, the beacons can only be configured with in a period of 15 inutes after deployment setup. However, this time duration can be increased through the settings to up to 3 days or forever.