ALS enables the development of advanced IoT & RTLS applications

RTLS (Real Time Location System) technological solutions are intuitive, efficient, robust and reliable.

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Features & Benefits

Live Tracking

(Indoor and Outdoor)

ALS uses RTLS Engine which determines the location of the tag by using a system of beacons. These beacons calculate the exact distance by time-of-flight method through strategically placed gateways in the facility. It can provide zone, room or meter level accuracy of its location information. The map view enables a user friendly view of all beacons within the facility on different floors.

Location Stream

Users can subscribe to the topic to get the latest location of beacons inside the building.


ALS comes with a variety of notifications that can be created and configured per the users’ needs and requirements. The out of the box notifications system includes GeoFence Notification, which can send an Email or SMS notification when an object leaves a predetermined area.

User can subscribe to Notification topic or use REST APIs to fetch notifications for beacons.

Further information about SDK can be found here.

Smart Alerts

Alerts further strengthen the capabilities of ALS and showcases its ability to produce meaningful alerts. The out of box alerts include SOS, Tamper & Movement based on different beacons and events occurring within the facility equipped with ALS.

Get Last Seen

When a user exits on the premises, management can view his last seen packet and its location inside the building via using API.

Region Trail

On region trails users can get the updated information about beacon movements around various zones/areas.

Live Stream Data Feed

Automatically calculate, display and record the real time position of all tracked tags on the premises.

Integrations With 3rd Party System

Well documented APIs and SDKs that allow easy integrations with any 3rd party platform.

How it Works

Map digitization

ALS’s Indoor Mapping platform transforms your physical spaces into digital experience. Just upload your CAD generated floor plan images and have them converted to vector data by tracing the features and capturing as coordinates.

Zones and Regions Setup

Create virtual regions and zones around the real-world. ALS uses a graphical mapper tool for setting up zones and regions as per physical location.

Beacons and Scanner Deployment

Loris BLE scanners are deployed throughout the premises indoors-outdoors or installed in vehicles that receive proximity data from beacons. the information is then sent to the server for positioning and navigation.

Setup Notification Rules

Define notification rules and trigger different events or actions whenever a tracked object or person enters or exits a prohibited zone.

Interact with System via GUI

A user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface), which smartly interacts with the user for accessing and managing all the features of ALS.

Extra information via APIs and SDKs

Integrate ALS Engine data into your own applications or using ALS, SDK, and APIs such as get last seen, location Stream, Region Trail, and alerts.