Visitor CCTV Integration

Live CCTV tracking

  • Integrate with IP-based CCTV cameras using field-of-view coverage areas
  • Watch live and stored visitor video streams in web and mobile portals

Server Deployment

Backend deployment options

  • Deploy system on AWS or any local cloud
  • Optional server installation

Wayfinding Kiosks

The on-the-ground visitor guide

  • Help visitors navigate using office maps that show current location
  • Find meeting places with badge tap or search feature

Visitor App

The all-in-one event tracker for visitors

  • Get directions to office and meetings using turn-by-turn indoor navigation
  • Expedite the check-in process with secure account creation
  • Send notifications for visitor events

Visitor Analytics and Reports

Your visitor insights

  • Track peak visitor times, frequent visitors and hosts
  • Track all visitor history with playback

Visitor Check-in Kiosk

The visitor-facing check-in portal

  • Offer visitors self check-in or reception desk check-in options
  • Check-in visitors using scannable QR code invite (sent via email or SMS)
  • Capture visitor photos with front-facing camera
  • Visitor ID scan

Visitor Management

The ultimate portal to visitor pre-registration and tracking

  • Pre-register visitors with meeting invites
  • Integrates with Calendar and Google Calendar (future)
  • Create multiple user levels for employees
  • Require and verify visitor documents before arrival
  • Get notified when visitors overstay or enter restricted zones
  • Manage visitors thru web-portal and iOS/Android apps
  • See visitor location in real-time 2D/3D maps over live CCTV stream
  • Keep a “Visitor in Premises List” (evacuation list)
  • Mobile app for security personnel alert.
  • Notify host of visitor arrival.

Visitor Tracking Hardware

The hardware behind your visitor tracking

  • Wireless visitor badges send location signal for up to 30 meters using 3Y battery-operated wireless badges, supports NFC for wireless gateway tracking integration
  • Wireless tracking gateways locate visitor badges to pinpoint exact location using power-over-ethernet scanners and proprietary algorithms