Guide your visitors through interactive Kiosk Wayfinder

You will never struggle to find a place again.
Find your way with just a touch of the screen.

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Features & Benefits

Interactive 3D Maps

Giving those visitors an additional dimension of care experience, enhancing their interaction and helping them to find their destination easily by transforming your physical spaces into an interactive digital map.

Graphical Route Visualization

With features such as Turn-ByTurn Navigation, animated path & 2.5D/3D Maps, users confidently and efficiently reach their destinations. In just a few taps, it allows visitors to figure out what to see and how to get there using the shortest Route.

Enhanced Search Options

With Smart Search, users can quickly find their destination by simply entering the first few characters of their POI and smart search will provide relevant results.

Evacuation Guidance

In case of an emergency, our solution will guide the victims through the nearest exit point.

Extend the Wayfinding to Customer’s Mobile

The user can scan the QR code on the screen to take the navigation instruction along with him.

Quick Search

Quick reference buttons are available on Home screen to facilitate users in finding POIs and facilities such as Toilets, ATMs, etc. Simply tap on the reference button and selected facilities will be highlighted on the floor plan.

How it Works

Map Digitization

Mapping a location is the first step for an indoor positioning system. NaviBees’s Indoor Mapping platform transforms your physical spaces into an interactive digital experience by incorporating contextual location and indoor positioning. In addition, the map can be enhanced by a direct 3D view of the outer building.

POI Management Portal

The data from the mapping platform is fully integrated with NaviBees portal. You can easily manage infrastructure, add, update and eliminate POI contents on an independent basis. All changes can be immediately pushed into the live systems.


With the minimum steps of configuration, you can easily access Wayfinding Application on your Kiosk.

Dynamic Routing

On kiosks, users can locate themselves easily, find a department or service and preview the path to it. Features such as Turn-ByTurn Navigation, Maps, and Points of Interest (POIs), helps the users to reach their destinations. In just a few taps, it allows visitors to figure out what to see and how to get there.