Loris is a family of solutions that is built on advanced and innovative IoT hardware and software platforms providing sensing & communication for Smart City and Crowd Management Systems applications. The Loris V1 collects data by provides real-time location information of vehicle using GPS and detecting BLE Beacons. Loris V1 is an advanced version for vehicle tracking and collecting BLE Beacons data and other sensor data.

Preliminary Device Specifications​

Application Areas

Logistics Transport

Automatically scan the full load of goods being transported in real-time, including sensor data from the goods to a logistics management system over the cloud. You can also authenticate the driver and provide driving rights. This unique solution is made possible by using Loris V1 with Averos’ family of CoreBlu BLE tags and where the tags are used on goods.

People Transportation

Automatically scan all riders on a bus and track them in real-time as they travel. The optional matching CoreBlu BLE attendance tags or bracelets are ideal for this application. You can also send alerts and notification to each individual riders as well either via CoreBlu tags which are equipped with optional buzzer or via their paired smart phones.

Children Safety Monitoring Solution

Children’s safety is a major concern in today’s modern cities. We provide non-intrusive set of solutions to keep track of children in real-time in while they ride on school buses. Parents and guardians can follow their child’s journey live.