The Smart Indoor Guide

NaviBees provides accurate real-time indoor positioning and turn-by-turn directions that will help you to get to your destination.

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Features & Benefits

Interactive 3D Maps

Transform your physical spaces into an interactive digital map to be integrated with the mobile App.

Dynamic Indoor Navigation

Giving those visitors an additional dimension of care experience, enhancing their interaction and helping them to find their destination in Real-Time and without deviations.

Combine Power of GPS & IPS

Seamless outdoor to indoor navigation
Help your visitor to travel between buildings on a larger campus, or guide them back to their car easily with true navigational continuity.

Search Person or Location

Visitors, & staff would always be able to locate their point of interest (POI) such as Airport gates, offices, shops, restaurants, classrooms, labs, facilities, ATM’s etc. with precise & up-to-date information, opening hours & additional descriptions.

Save Parking Location

A relief for visitors & staff in finding their vehicle location in the parking area within the premises.

Accessibility Support

Accessible routing makes it easier for visitors with mobility challenges to get where they want to go.

Voice Guided Navigation

Cater to a large audience including visually impaired by having navigation instructions with multilingual voice over.

Interact With Your Visitors

Welcome your visitors, ask for feedback, notify and guide them to special events, send sales offers & promotions at the right time with Location-based alerts & notifications.

Visitor Insights

Generate heat maps (Life & Historical), identify hot or cold areas, Improve safety measures by detecting crowded problem areas, set new KPIs that make your spaces evolve in accordance to your visitors expectations.

Beacon Management App

With Averos’s Beacon Health monitoring App, we’re helping you to make sure all the beacons are in working condition.

Meet Your Friends

Share locations with friends through messaging Apps. Users can share their position with friends. Turn-by-turn navigation brings friends together.

How it Works

Map Digitization

Mapping a location is the first step for an indoor positioning system. NaviBees’s Indoor Mapping platform transforms your physical spaces into an interactive digital experience by incorporating contextual location and indoor positioning. In addition, the map can be enhanced by a direct 3D view of the outer building.

POI and Beacon Management Portal

The data from the mapping platform is fully integrated with NaviBees CMS. You can easily manage beacon infrastructure, add, update and eliminate POI contents on an independent basis. All changes can be immediately pushed into the live systems. No update via the App Store or Play Store is required.

Device Placement in Venue

Battery-powered Beacons (small radio transmitters) are placed at several positions in the building as per mapping requirement. Through Bluetooth, they send signals to mobile devices.

SDK for Android and iOS Mobile Visualization

Integrate Navigation technology directly into your  mobile Application, with our easy to use SDK.

Dynamic Navigation

Mobile App installed on the smartphone interprets the signals from the Beacon and then it calculates roughly the distance to the beacon and hence estimates the location on 3D Map.