IPS allows users to Locate, Interact & Visualize

IPS provides Real-time Indoor-Outdoor Location by using BLE and GPS technology.

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Features & Benefits

Combine Power of GPS & IPS

Provide real time Indoor positioning (along with the floor information) and outdoor location when the user is on-site premises.

Share Location

A fast, free and simple way to share your location with your command center or co-workers! Send your location with a message to let your management know where you are. The Sole objective of this feature is to support organisations in connecting to their employees.

Visitor Insights

Generate heat maps (Life & Historical), identify hot or cold areas, Improve safety measures by detecting crowded problem areas, set new KPIs that make your spaces evolve in accordance to your visitors expectations.

Interact With Your Visitors

Welcome your visitors, ask for feedback, notify and guide them to special events, send sales offers & promotions at the right time with Location-based alerts & notifications.

Interact With Your Employees

Improve flow of information & services to employees, office hours, Staff availability, Location-based alerts & notifications.

Beacon Management App

With Averos’s Beacon Health monitoring App, we’re helping you to make sure all the beacons are in working condition.

How it Works

Map Digitization

Just upload your CAD-generated image of the floor plan and ALS’s Indoor Mapping platform transforms your physical spaces into digital experience by incorporating contextual location and indoor positioning.

CMS- Content Management System

On CMS, you can easily manage beacon infrastructure, add, update and eliminate region contents on an independent basis. All changes can be immediately pushed into the live systems. No update via the App Store or Play Store is required.

Device Placement in Venue

Battery-powered Beacons (transmitters) are placed at several positions in the building. Each Beacon has a unique identifier and all the Beacons will be bound drop-down with different regions via Bluetooth, they send signals to mobile devices.

Indoor Presence Detection

When the app is installed on the smartphone it interprets the signals from the Beacon and then it calculates roughly the distance to the beacon and hence estimates the location.

Location Data Transfer

After the distance calculation, Mobile App then utilizes the data in-App or sends it over to the server through the internet for processing.